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I’ve always loved to read, spending my formative years with my nose in a book, listening to my favourite music playing in the background. These early passions for words and music had a considerable influence on the choices I made as I grew up, from working in record shops to editing content for a live events website. It was this latter experience that gave me the confidence to branch out on my own and led to the setting up of my freelance proofreading business in 2018.

Having worked and studied in a variety of fields throughout my career, I have wide-ranging expertise and experience in online content, business and management, music, the arts, and the natural sciences.

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I’ve worked as a content and editorial professional since 2006, so you can rely on me to bring all my knowledge and experience to your project, whatever it may be. Throughout my career I’ve written, edited and proofread a wide range of documents, including web pages and blogs, marketing materials (newsletters, mail-outs, one-sheets, etc.), reports, presentations and staff training manuals, as well as academic writing during my undergraduate and postgraduate studies with the Open University.


I’m currently an Entry-Level Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and abide by its Code of Practice, Ensuring editorial excellence.



I achieved a distinction in the comprehensive Proofreading and Editing accredited diploma from the College of Media and Publishing in 2018. This course taught me how to proofread and copy-edit documents in print and on screen, how to apply style guides, how to use British Standards Institution (BSI) proofreading symbols, and how to make written content easier to read.

With a fascination for the natural sciences (and a particular interest in volcanology), I’ve completed an Earth Science degree, graduating in 2015 with a BSc (Hons) Open degree from the Open University. I went on to complete my MSc in Earth Science in 2019.

I was also awarded a Professional Certificate in Management by the Open University Business School in 2014.


Download my CV for a full history of my education and experience.

I fill my Instagram page with photos of things that make me happy, such as my beautiful black cat, views from my desk, occasional snippets about proofreading and other business-related posts, gig photos, holiday snaps, Formula 1, tennis tournaments, etc., etc. So, if you want to know what I’m up to, come on over to my page!